1. How to Make Your Next Trip to the Gyno Easier

    Your next trip to the gynecologist doesn’t have to be cringe worthy. For many women, a trip to the gynecologist isn’t exactly the first thing they want to do. The whole situation can be uncomfortable, and for some women, it’s enough to keep them away from their OB/GYN’s office for much longer than is recommended. Don’t skip your women’s wellness appointment because of discomfort! Inste…Read More

  2. What Causes Breasts to Feel Lumpy? Part 2

    There are many things that can cause breasts to feel lumpy that aren't related to cancer. When you're doing your monthly breast exams, and you notice that your breasts are feeling lumpy, the first thing you should do is contact your doctor. But, it's also important not to panic, as there are actually many things that can cause your breasts to feel lumpy. Be sure to check out our previous blog to l…Read More