1. The Many Myths About Menstruation Part 2

    It’s time to stop believing the myths about menstruation and start getting the facts. Menstruation is something that almost every woman experiences, but that hasn’t stopped a plethora of myths and misconceptions from popping up about it. Some of these myths can even be dangerous because they might prevent a woman from going to the doctor when she needs to or taking care of herself the right wa…Read More

  2. Your Guide to Vaginal Infections Part 2

    Want to avoid vaginal infections? Most women have experienced a vaginal infection at some point or another in their life. If you’ve ever found yourself squirming in your seat, embarrassed by a strong odor or running to the bathroom to get in a good scratch, we don’t need to tell you how uncomfortable they can be. No woman wants to go through a vaginal infection, and the good news is that, in …Read More

  3. What Causes Breasts to Feel Lumpy?

    Have you noticed lumps in your breasts? It's important to check your breasts on a regular basis so that, if breast cancer starts to develop, you can catch it early. Like with all other forms of cancer, catching breast cancer early on — before it has had a chance to spread throughout the body — is important. But, what do you do if you notice a lump in your breasts when you're examining them? Fi…Read More