Are you looking to get pregnant? This is an incredibly exciting and sometimes scary time of your life. There are many questions to ask, and you need someone that you can trust. When you come to University Park Obstetrics and Gynecology you can rest easy in knowing that you are in good hands with our OB doctor in Bradenton.

Our OB doctor in Bradenton is one of the most compassionate and caring doctor’s in the business. He has had the privilege of helping countless women to get the preconception counseling and testing that they need to feel good about their pregnancy ahead. When you show up for you appointment, you can except Dr. Stephens to ask you a series of in depth questions about your health history, gynecological history, and obstetrics history. He will then do a very thorough physical exam. It is so important for you to get one of these tests because our doctor can help you to prepare your body for carrying your new baby.

Do not skip the preconception counseling and testing portion of having a baby. This is a very important step for both you and the baby. Our caring OB doctor in Bradenton would love to help you take the step to start or expand your family. If you planning for your next child please call us today to schedule your appointment.