We are all fully aware that sleep is hard to come by after the baby is born, but did you know that it can be just as difficult to sleep while you are pregnant? Sleep is an important part of pregnancy, as it gives your body the energy it needs to make new life! That is why our OBGYN in Bradenton has come up with this guide to getting enough sleep during your first trimester. The problem is that sleeping is not so easy during pregnancy, especially during that first trimester.

Lots of things can keep you from getting that good night’s sleep that you need so much. During your first trimester your body will release a high level of progesterone. That elevated progesterone level, along with a growing baby pressed against your bladder, can cause you to have to take more frequent trips to the restroom. When you constantly have to get up and go to the restroom, it can make getting an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep much more difficult. You can combat this by cutting down on excess fluid in the evening, and if you are drinking caffeine, keep your consumption limited to the morning.

Another thing that can make getting enough sleep difficult is nausea. Although pregnant women refer to this nausea as “morning sickness”, it can and will strike at all hours of the day and the night. We suggest keeping some saltines in your nightstand. The crackers will help to settle your stomach, and if they are within reach, you won’t have to trudge your way to the kitchen to grab them.