Are you and your spouse thinking about taking the leap and having your own bundle of joy? Contrary to popular belief, having a healthy baby actually starts before you get pregnant. Preconception counseling from your Sarasota obstetrics clinic is an incredibly important step in the process, but unfortunately, many couples forego this critical step. Luckily, with our help, you won’t have to be one of those couples.

You should schedule your first preconception counseling appointment three to six months prior to getting pregnant, or as soon as you and your spouse start actively trying to get pregnant. Starting preconception counseling this early will help you and your future baby to be healthy, right from the get-go. Preconception counseling will help your physician to determine if there are any medical issues that exist that could possibly affect your new baby. That way, you can address any and all of those issues before you conceive.

It is no big secret that the lifestyle choices that you make now can affect your baby’s health, but you should also know that those choices could also affect your chances of getting pregnant as well. That is why going in for a preconception checkup isn’t something that you should avoid. Your physician will not only help you to become physically ready to become a parent, but emotionally ready as well.

We all want to have happy, healthy babies, so don’t wait until you are pregnant to go see your OBGYN in Venice. Take the first step to having a great pregnancy by contacting us today to schedule your first preconception counseling appointment.