As a parent, there is one talk that we all must have with our daughters, that you are probably dreading. No, not THAT talk, we are talking about the other one. The one where you explain to her what her period is, and how to take care of it. Although this talk can be awkward, it is important to have it, so that your daughter’s period doesn’t catch her off guard. At University Park Obstetrics and Gynecology, we want to help you and your daughter to be both well informed and healthy. That is why our OBGYN in Bradenton has come up with the following tips for talking to your daughter about her period:

  1. Talk to her early and often- Don’t wait until the last minute to bring up the topic. Instead, take up every opportunity that you can to teach her about her menstrual  cycle. For instance, when she asks you about the tampons in your purse, or when the topic comes up on a movie or a TV show.
  2. Don’t be evasive, instead be age-appropriate- Even if your child is young, you don’t have to sidestep their questions. Instead of being evasive, it is a much better idea to answer their questions in an honest, age-appropriate way.
  3. Prepare her for anything- The “period talk” is not just about explaining why menstruation happens, but it is also about preparing her for everything that comes with it, like cramps, getting her period at school, menstruation products, and more.

Once you sit down and finally have the talk, you will probably find that it is easier to talk to your daughter than you might have expected. If you there are concerns with your daughter’s cycle, then it is a good idea to contact us to schedule an appointment.