Are you sick of feeling bloated before you start your period?

If so, you are a not alone. Many women deal with bloating caused by water retention before their periods start. In fact, it is normal to gain anywhere from a half a pound to 10 full pounds before your period starts! In our last blog, our OBGYN in Venice went over a few tips to help you fight your worst pre-period bloat. Here are a few more helpful bloat-battling tips:

#4. Take it easy on the salt. 

It’s normal to crave chips, french fries and other salty treats in the days leading up to your period, and while these things taste great, they’ll cause even more bloating in the days to come. Consuming too much salt will cause your body to retain even more water, so try to downplay it in your diet, especially before your period starts.

#5. Eat more fiber. 

Many women experience premenstrual constipation, which could leave you feeling even more bloated. Eating more fiber can help. To avoid tummy aches as your body is adjusting to your increased fiber intake, add a little bit more to your diet each day. Foods that contain lots of fiber include fruits, vegetables, seeds, lentils, nuts and beans.

#6. Say no to artificial sweeteners. 

Many people have trouble digesting artificial sweeteners, such as maltitol and sorbitol, which can lead to gas, abdominal discomfort and, of course, bloating. Steer clear of artificial sweeteners when you already feel bloated, as they will only make it worse!

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