Believe it or not, getting your period is beneficial in a number of ways!

It’s been called the curse, the red wedding, shark week and leak week, among many other things. Not one of these nicknames for your period is a positive one and for good reason. Being on your period isn’t fun. In fact, many women consider it to be the worst time of the month. However, getting your period is actually a good thing. The following is a list from our obstetrics clinic in Sarasota of a few of the many reasons to embrace your period:

#1. It teaches you about your hormones.

When you get regular, normal periods, it tells you that your hormones are in balance and your body is working like it should. If your period is abnormal, your hormones may be to blame, so it’s always a good idea to consult our OBGYN.

#2. It cleanses your reproductive system.

Bacteria can accumulate in your reproductive system throughout the month, but don’t worry, Aunt Flo can help! When you get your period, your body is also releasing bacteria from your reproductive system.

#3. It lengthens your life.

In addition to ridding your body of excess waste, your period also helps your body get rid of excess iron. Iron actually feeds free radicals in the body, and with iron loss through menstruation, you lower your risk for stroke, heart disease and even Alzheimer’s disease. Losing excess iron can also lengthen your lifespan, which is one of the reasons why women often outlive men.

As you can see, getting your period isn’t all bad! Learn more about your menstrual cycle by scheduling your appointment with our OBGYN in Sarasota today!