When it comes to conception and fertility, there is no shortage of myths. 

There are probably more myths about fertility and conception than any other part of health and wellness. From old wives’ tales to innocent misconceptions, it can be difficult to know which advice to heed with so much misinformation out there. Luckily, our Sarasota Obstetrics clinic is here to set the records straight and tell you the truth about the top conception myths. The following is a list of the top conception myths debunked:

Myth #1. You should put your legs in the air after sex to improve your chances of conceiving. 

This is one we’ve seen in lots of movies, but unfortunately, it really won’t improve your chance of conceiving at all. There is no evidence that supports this theory. The whole purpose for the existence of sperm is for them to travel to the egg, and they don’t need the help of gravity to get there.

Myth #2. If you don’t have an orgasm, you won’t get pregnant. 

The thought is that the contraction of the vaginal muscles propels sperm further, therefore boosting the chance of conception. Orgasms are not necessary for conception, so if you have trouble climaxing during intercourse, know that you still have the same chances of getting pregnant as anyone else.

Myth #3. You shouldn’t exercise while you are trying to conceive. 

Exercising won’t hurt your chances of conception, and it’s actually an important part of preparing for a healthy pregnancy. Exercising now may help you retain more stamina during your pregnancy and throughout labor, and it may even help you lose your baby weight faster after you’ve had your baby!

Learn more common myths about conception by staying tuned for our next blog!