How much more should you eat? 

If you’ve been reading our Sarasota obstetric clinic’s blog series, then you already know why healthy weight gain during pregnancy is important and approximately how much weight you should gain during your pregnancy. However, just because you need to gain weight doesn’t give you a free pass to load up on french fries and ice cream, and “eating for two” doesn’t mean that you need to eat twice as much. On average, you will need to eat approximately 300 calories more every day.

Tips for gaining weight during pregnancy the healthy way:

  • Eat more often – Are you having trouble eating bigger meals? Try eating smaller meals more often! Eating small, healthy meals more frequently is a great way to get in those extra calories without feel overly bloated or full all the time. Eating this way can also help with common pregnancy issues, like heartburn and nausea.
  • Drink smoothies – Smoothies are a great way to fill in the nutrition gaps in your diet in a tasty, healthy way. Make a shake with leafy greens, fruit and protein powder to enjoy a nutrient-rich snack that will add a couple hundred calories to your diet.
  • Eat nutrient dense snacks – Do your best to make every calorie count during your pregnancy. That means that you should stop snacking on chips, popcorn, candy bars, etc., and start looking for filling, nutrient dense snacks, like hard boiled eggs, yogurt, etc.
  • Keep snacks handy at all times – Having snacks with you at all times will help to encourage you to eat more throughout the day. Make sure that your snacks are convenient. Good options are almonds, dried fruit and trail mix.