Have you had a chance to read our last couple of blogs yet? We’ve been going over simple tips to help you to get the most accurate results from home pregnancy tests. So far we’ve gone over reading the instructions fully, not taking your pregnancy test too early, using morning urine, not drinking too much water, setting an alarm and urinating in a cup instead of on the stick. Our Sarasota obstetrics clinic has just a few more tips for you:

  • Buy a test that detects a low level of hCG – All women are different, and not every woman will produce the same amount of hCG. That is why it is always a good idea to buy a test that is sensitive to lower levels of hCG.
  • Use two tests – Not many women are willing to trust the first test that they take, and that’s okay! Rest assured that you have the most accurate result by using two different brands of pregnancy tests.
  • Don’t expect the line to be as dark as the control line – The line that you get isn’t likely to be as dark as the control line of your pregnancy test, no matter how pregnant you are. So, if you get a positive test, trust it! Don’t expect to be as dark as the control line.
  • Call the toll free number on the box of your pregnancy test – Do you have questions or concerns about your particular test? Don’t hesitate to call them! That is what they are there for.