All women need to know a thing or two about their ovaries.

While you may not give your ovaries a second thought, they are essential for many reasons, and it’s important for all women to know at least a little about their ovaries. Check out our previous blog to learn what ovaries do and a couple of important facts about them, and keep reading to learn more:

#3. Your ovaries can be affected by stress.

Stress affects your body in many ways, and your ovaries are not immune to the effects of stress. When your body is enduring times of extreme stress, like when you’ve lost a lot of weight or you’ve experienced a major life event, such as moving, getting married or going through a divorce, it can actually cause your ovaries to stop producing eggs. There is actually an evolutionary reason for this. Preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs during times of stress is nature’s way of preventing pregnancy when the mother is stressed out. This is one of the reasons why stress can actually affect your ability to conceive and why doctors always tell women to try and relax when they are trying to get pregnant.

#4. The pill could be a major blessing for your ovaries.

According to the American Cancer Society, taking birth control, particularly those that utilize progesterone and estrogen to prevent pregnancy, can actually help to significantly reduce your risk for ovarian cancer within a few months of taking it. Some women carry the BRCA1 or BRVAS2 gene mutations, and these mutations put you at a much higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. In these women, birth control pills could reduce their risk by up to 50 percent!

What you can do to keep your ovaries healthy.

Now that you know what your ovaries do and a few important facts about them, it’s time to learn about what you can do to take great care of your ovaries. A great place to start is by making sure that you always attend your gynecological exams. These exams are essential for catching the early signs of health concerns and preventing the development of disease. It’s also important to know the signs of trouble when it comes to your ovaries, like abnormal bleeding, pain during intercourse, etc. If you haven’t already, talk to your doctor about getting vaccinated against HPV, which can lead to ovarian cancer. Finally, the last thing you can do is to just take care of yourself! Chronic stress, smoking and excessive drinking can all impact your ovaries, so, do as much as you can to minimize these things in your day-to-day life.

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