Getting pregnant is so incredibly exciting, and many people believe that the process is pretty straight forward, but there is more to it than just foregoing your birth control and trying for a baby. A healthy baby starts with a healthy mom, and there are many things that you should do before you start trying to get pregnant. The following is a list from our OBGYN in Bradenton of the steps that you should take before you get pregnant:

  • Visit your doctor- Even if you are a very healthy individual, seeing your doctor for a preconception checkup is a must. During this checkup, your doctor will go over any medications that you are taking, your family history, your present day health, any habits that you may have that could hurt your baby, etc. They may test your immunity for certain childhood diseases, like rubella or chicken pox. They will also talk to you about what you can expect when you stop taking your birth control and answer any questions you may have.
  • Stop taking your birth control- Give yourself a few months in between stopping your birth control and trying to get pregnant. During this time you will be able to identify what your normal cycle is and when you ovulate. In general, it can take a while before your hormones start to get back to normal, so don’t get too excited if your period is MIA at first. However, if after three months or so you still don’t get your period, talk to your doctor.

These are just a couple of the steps you should take before you try to get pregnant. Learn more when you stay tuned for our next blog.