The pill and condoms aren’t your only options!

Many women are frustrated with the most common forms of birth control, which are condoms and the pill, because they are just short-term. If you are looking for a long-term birth control solution, you’ve come to the right place. In our previous blog, our OBYN in Bradenton started going over IUDs, which are one of the many forms of long-term birth control available. Keep reading to learn about more long-term birth control options:

#2. The Shot

The shot (Depo-Provera) is a shot containing progestin that provides protection against pregnancy for three months at a time. For women who get their shots every 12 weeks, only one out of every 100 will get pregnant, but for women who don’t get the shot every 12 weeks, six out of 100 will get pregnant. The downside to the shot is that it can lead to bone thinning and puts some women at a higher risk for osteoporosis.

#3. Birth Control Implant

A birth control implant is a plastic rod that is thin, small and flexible, and it is inserted into the arm. It can protect against pregnancy for up to three years, and if you decide that you want to get pregnant sooner, it can be removed by your doctor. Some women experience increased bleeding with the implant and others stop having periods altogether.

Although we’ve gone over several long-term birth control options, there are still a couple more that you need to know about. Please stay tuned for our next blog to learn more!