Your first trimester is so important for your baby’s development!

Your baby’s organs are starting to develop and function during your first trimester of pregnancy, and while you shouldn’t stress about doing all of the right things, it’s important that you make an effort. In our last blog, our nurse midwife in Bradenton went over several tips for your first trimester of pregnancy. Keep reading for more helpful first trimester tips:

#4. Figure out how to cope with fatigue. 

Fatigue is incredibly common during this stage of pregnancy, and it’s important to learn how to cope with it. Ask your partner for help with errands, housework and cooking; don’t take on too much at work; nap as much as possible on weekends, at lunch, etc.; and put your feet up whenever possible.

#5. Figure out how to cope with nausea. 

Many women deal with nausea and vomiting throughout the first trimester, but there are many things you can do to cope. Eat several small meals throughout the day; eat bland foods more often; avoid fatty and spicy foods; learn what triggers your nausea and avoid those things.

#6. Know when to consult your doctor. 

Your body is going through many changes during pregnancy, so aches and pains are to be expected. However, it is important to know if what you are experiencing is normal or if it is concerning. A few signs that you need to consult your doctor include heavy vaginal bleeding, excessive vomiting or nausea, high fever, vaginal itching or discharge and burning or pain during urination.

If you have any questions or concerns during any trimester of your pregnancy, contact us! We are happy to help!