Pregnant women tend to have a lot on their minds.

Whether you are trying to keep track of all of your appointments, the food you should and shouldn’t be eating or all of those prenatal vitamins, it can all be pretty overwhelming. The good news is that there are many helpful apps out there that can make it a bit easier. In our last post, our nurse midwife in Bradenton went over a few of the best apps for pregnancy. Keep reading to learn about more incredible pregnancy apps:

#4. Rise

If you are concerned about your nutrition, Rise is the app for you. This app will connect you with a registered dietician who can help you stay on track with your nutrition. You can just describe or take photos of your meals, send them to your dietician and they will provide you with daily feedback.

#5. Oh Baby! Fitness

Exercise is a great way to prepare your body for childbirth, and with this app, you will have access to a variety of yoga, Pilates and strength training moves from Kathleen Donahoe, a professional pre and postnatal trainer.

#6. The Ovia

This app allows you to track your pregnancy, as well as your baby’s development with daily updates on your baby’s size. It also provides you with alerts about risks during your pregnancy, and you can use it to track your sleep, weight, mood and activity. It contains information about specific symptoms, medications and foods as well.

#7. My Obstetrics 

This app will give you access to information about the changes you can expect during pregnancy, as well as your baby’s growth. You can also use this app to calculate your BMI, track your weight, set appointment reminders and add your emergency contacts.