In our last blog we discussed the importance of maintaining a healthy diet for the development of your child, and we went over a few tips on eating healthy during your pregnancy. This week our OBGYN in Bradenton will go over more tips on eating well for you and your baby:

  • Weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy and no one wants to think about having to lose all of that baby weight, but you should never diet while pregnant. Most diets require that you cut down on calories, which can also limit your intake of folic acid, iron, and other minerals and vitamins that are important to your baby’s development. Don’t cut back, eat wisely instead.
  • While weight gain is inevitable, you can do it wisely. Gain your weight gradually. In many cases you won’t need to gain all that much weight in your first trimester (usually anywhere from 1-5 pounds) and then around a pound a week in your second and third trimesters. Your doctor will go over your specific weight gaining needs with you.  Moms who eat well and gain their weight appropriately will be more likely to have healthy babies!
  • Nausea, indigestion, heartburn and food aversions can all make eating full meals much more difficult. A good alternative would be to eat smaller meals more frequently. This will help you to cater your eating schedule to your own specific needs!
  • Don’t forget to treat yourself every once in a while. If you cut out all of your favorite things completely, you are more likely to cave into temptation in a big way. While sugary deserts and processed foods are not ideal, it is okay to treat yourself occasionally. Curb your cravings and stay healthy by choosing smarter snack choices like: trail mix, fruit smoothies or popcorn (with limited butter and seasoning).