Breastfeeding isn’t always easy. 

For something so natural and beneficial, breastfeeding can be a challenge. Unfortunately, for many women, breastfeeding can be so difficult that they give up completely, which can make them feel like a failure. Our certified midwife in Sarasota is here to tell you that it is completely normal for breastfeeding to be difficult, but there are certain things you can do to make it more successful. The following is a list of tips to make breastfeeding easier and more successful:

#1. Try to relax.

Breastfeeding takes a whole lot of time, persistence and patience, but if you get stressed out or frustrated by the process, it will only make it worse. Taking some time to relax before you breastfeed your baby will make it easier for both you and your baby.

#2. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Many women think that because breastfeeding is natural, it should come natural to them, but that just isn’t true. Breastfeeding is something that all new moms have to learn, so don’t be afraid to ask for a little guidance! Whether you see a specialist in the hospital or you attend a breastfeeding class, you’ll get the information you need to breastfeed your baby successfully.

#3. Make sure that your baby is properly latched. 

If your baby is properly latched, then your entire areola should be in their mouth. Having only a portion of the nipple in the baby’s mouth is a common mistake among new mothers, and it can cause intense pain and discomfort.

Learn about more tips for successful breastfeeding by staying tuned for our next blog.