There are many things about pregnancy that no one tells you but that every pregnant woman needs to know.

It seems impossible that there are certain things about pregnancy that people never talk about, especially when you consider the outpouring of advice and anecdotes from everyone from your most trusted friends to the most unfamiliar strangers. However, every woman can benefit from knowing as much as possible about pregnancy, and that’s why our certified midwife in Sarasota has made this list of secrets every pregnant woman needs to know about:

#1.  Every woman has a different experience.

Some of the women you talk to about their pregnancies may tell you that they loved it and would do it again in an instant, and other women will tell you that they were miserable and sick throughout all three trimesters. But the thing is, those pregnancies have nothing to do with yours, and you can’t really get a good understanding of what your pregnancy will be like by talking to other women. However, talking to your mother about her pregnancy could help you prepare for yours. Some pregnancy conditions, like morning sickness, big babies and gestational diabetes, are hereditary, while others, like miscarriages, are not.

#2. You may not feel or look exactly the same after you give birth.

While it’s certainly possible to lose any weight you’ve gained during pregnancy, weight isn’t the only thing that pregnancy changes about your body. During pregnancy, your feet could grow, your hips may shift, your breasts might change size or shape, you may struggle with urinary incontinence, your hair may feel limp and stretch marks may form. Although leading a healthy, active lifestyle post-pregnancy could help you to lose weight and regain your energy, you may have to live with some of the other physical changes that pregnancy brings for life.

#3. Total strangers may grope your belly.

Pregnancy can be a struggle for introverts everywhere. We already talked about how every single woman in your life (and maybe even some men) will give you advice and tell you their own pregnancy war stories, but you should also be prepared for random people touching your belly as well. People love babies, and they also love pregnant women. They just want to feel the little life growing inside of you, but just be prepared, because they may not always ask for permission first.

#4. Morning sickness can happen at any time of the day.

The name, morning sickness, is misleading. While you can certainly feel nauseated in the morning when you’re pregnant, you could also feel sick in the afternoon, evening and nighttime as well. Not every pregnant woman experiencing morning sickness either, but some women will be sick throughout all three trimesters.

Don’t let these pregnancy secrets catch you off guard!

When it comes to pregnancy, the more you know, the better prepared you’ll be. If you have questions or concerns about the pregnancy secrets we’ve already covered, please contact us. And if you would like to learn about more secrets that every pregnant woman needs to know, please stay tuned for our next blog.