There’s a lot to keep track of during pregnancy. 

Between the appointments with your OBGYN, childbirth classes, getting all of your prenatal vitamins, exercising and eating healthy, you probably have a few things on your mind. Luckily, there’s an app for that! There are many incredible pregnancy apps out there that can keep you healthy and on track. The following is a list from our certified midwife in Sarasota of the best pregnancy apps available today:

#1. The Pregnancy Companion App

The Pregnancy Companion was created by board-certified OBGYNs, and it features a host of daily tools and tips to track your due date and your baby’s growth. It also contains information about medication safety, a weight tracker, a hydration tracker and a calendar to help you stay on top of your appointments. This app also contains a premium feature called “Ask the Docs” that allows you to message an OBGYN directly about your biggest questions and concerns.

#2. The Healthy Baby Bump

This app was designed to coach you through your first two trimesters, and it includes an activity tracker to come up with a custom plan just for your. This app will also provide you with tasty recipes, professional advice on nutrition, health tips, progress reports and workout videos.

#3. I Am Totally Pregnant

This app utilizes your location and due date to provide you with a customized pregnancy experience. It provides you with 3-D animation of your baby as it grows, as well as access to monthly and weekly guides on pregnancy. This app also comes with health tips and a nutrition manager, and it also allows you to watch videos, take prenatal classes and ask experts questions about your pregnancy.

Stay tuned for our next blog to learn about more of the best apps for your pregnancy.