1. The Dos and Don’ts of Fertility Part 2

    Contrary to popular belief, getting pregnant is not something that’s easy for every couple. The fact of the matter is that getting pregnant is a lot more difficult than most people realize, and it only gets more difficult as you age. If you’ve been struggling to get pregnant, it’s important that you stay in the right mindset and follow the dos and don’ts of fertility. Check out our last bl…Read More

  2. The Dos and Don’ts of Fertility

    When you’re struggling to get pregnant, it’s an incredibly emotional time. It may leave you feeling confused, frustrated, lonely and even depressed. And, if you’ve come to the point where you’re now considering IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) or another fertility treatment, it’s important that you are aware of the dos and don’ts of fertility. Don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. Many wome…Read More

  3. How to Make Your Next Trip to the Gyno Easier Part 2

    Do you find yourself putting off visiting the gynecologist because it makes you so uncomfortable? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are University Park Obstetrics and Gynecology, and we’re proud to be your go-to OB/GYN near you in Bradenton. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you’re as comfortable as possible when you come in for a visit of any kind, and that’s why, in our last blo…Read More

  4. How to Make Your Next Trip to the Gyno Easier

    Your next trip to the gynecologist doesn’t have to be cringe worthy. For many women, a trip to the gynecologist isn’t exactly the first thing they want to do. The whole situation can be uncomfortable, and for some women, it’s enough to keep them away from their OB/GYN’s office for much longer than is recommended. Don’t skip your women’s wellness appointment because of discomfort! Inste…Read More

  5. How to Maintain a Healthy Weight During Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is one of the few times in life when it’s actually healthy to put on a few extra pounds, but less than a third of all women hit the target when it comes to weight gain during pregnancy. According to an analysis of more than 1.3 million pregnancies, 47 percent of women gain too much weight during pregnancy, while 24 percent don’t gain enough. Clearly maintaining a healthy weight durin…Read More

  6. Normal vs. Abnormal Weight Gain During Pregnancy

    Unless you are underweight, pregnancy is one of the only times in life when it’s not only acceptable to gain weight but healthy. However, not all weight gain during pregnancy is normal or healthy. If you’re unsure about what constitutes healthy weight gain during pregnancy and what constitutes unhealthy weight gain, you’ve come to the right place and you’re certainly not alone. Pregnancy i…Read More

  7. Your Guide to Vaginal Infections Part 2

    Want to avoid vaginal infections? Most women have experienced a vaginal infection at some point or another in their life. If you’ve ever found yourself squirming in your seat, embarrassed by a strong odor or running to the bathroom to get in a good scratch, we don’t need to tell you how uncomfortable they can be. No woman wants to go through a vaginal infection, and the good news is that, in …Read More

  8. Your Guide to Common Vaginal Infections

    Vaginal infections are incredibly common. In fact, they are so very common that most women will experience an infection at some point in their life. Because of how prevalent vaginal infections are, here at University Park Obstetrics and Gynecology, we believe that women need to know what they are, what can cause them and how to prevent them. That’s why we’ve set out to provide you with all of …Read More

  9. The Emotional Side of Pregnancy Part 2

    Throughout pregnancy, there are both physical and emotional challenges to overcome. When a woman gets pregnant with her first child, she probably already has a good idea of many of the physical changes and challenges she'll face over the next nine months, such as swollen ankles, discomfort, cravings etc. However, many women don't realize that, in addition to the physical challenges of pregnancy, t…Read More

  10. The Emotional Side of Pregnancy

    Pregnancy is both a physical and an emotional journey. During pregnancy, do you find yourself getting unusually tearful over commercials on television? Have you ever had a breakdown in the middle of your office for no real reason? Have you ever given your partner a piece of your mind for buying the wrong flavor of ice cream or putting too much milk on your cereal? During pregnancy, most women ex…Read More